Alba Smart Storage

The best storage carousel in the market

Great quality, great value. A fraction of the price but all of the features!

Alba Smart Storage manufacture a superb range of storage carousels that are designed to be a direct replacement.

Each machine is fully featured with excellent build quality and only a 10 square meter footprint. These carousels are suitable for storing all types of materials and items of various shapes, for quick and safe retrieval by your staff.

Alba offer a range of optional extras to suit your needs.


Alba vertical carousel

Vertical carousels can save up to 80% of the available floor area whilst providing all the features and bonuses storage machines can offer.

They also supply customised carousel shelves with modular partitioning and multi-layer designs to suit your needs.

For details visit the Alba Smart Storage UK website.

Alba horizontal carousel

Dramatically improve order picking efficiency by up to an amazing 600%, coupled with 40%-60% space savings AND reduce man hours by up to 66%!

Designed for high use environments, Alba horizontal carousels can operate 24/7 with a durable build and low maintenance. Such an excellent combination of features means the machines have a return on investment of 9 to 18 months.

Find out more about Alba horizontal carousels

Open carousels

Open carousels are a a great combination of practicality and style, allowing you safely measure and cut whilst at the same time displaying the product to your customers.

With variants for carpet, vinyl, cable reels, tyres and other products these carousel are the perfect both to warehouse and retail spaces.

Read more on the Alba website